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                1. Automotive Parts Group

                  The Automotive Parts Group, the largest division of GPC, distributes over 450,000 automotive replacement parts, accessory items and service items throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand. In North America, parts are sold primarily under the NAPA brand name, widely recognized for quality parts, quality service and knowledgeable people. The Company’s GPC Asia Pacific business serves the Australasian markets primarily under the brand name Repco.

                  Motion Industries

                  The Industrial Parts Group, which operates under the name Motion Industries, offers access to more than 5.6 million industrial replacement parts and related supplies and serves over 150,000 MRO and OEM customers throughout North America and in all types of industries. These include the food and beverage, forest products, primary metal, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

                  S.P. Richards Company

                  The Office Products Group, which operates under the name S. P. Richards Company, distributes more than 55,000 items to over 4,300 resellers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada from a network of 41 distribution centers. Customers include independently owned office product dealers, large contract stationers, national office supply superstores, mail order distributors, internet resellers, college bookstores, office furniture dealers, janitorial and sanitation supply distributors, safety product resellers and food service distributors.

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